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Museum Development & Exhibits
The City of San Luis Obispo completed its repair and restoration work on the exterior of the Freight House in early 2012. Over the past two years the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum has held fundraising events and received several grants which allowed construction in 2012-13 of interior trusses, insulation, removal of deteriorated and non historic walls and preparation of the interior for the construction as defined in our masterplan. Over the past year, the museum has completed restoration of the interior, provisioning of accessible restrooms, and construction of spaces to facilitate the public's access to displayed artifacts, documents, model railroad and archives. The total cost of these interior improvement costs has been approximately $350,000. At this time donations are greatly needed to insure the completion of all interior exhibits, restoration of artifacts, and equipment for regular operations.

Museum Model Railroad Exhibit
The museum will include an operating 1200 square foot model railroad which will visually set the context within which local railroads operated. This exhibit seeks to graphically demonstrate the life and times wherein the railroads were directly involved in the economic vitality of local communities and provided the majority of transport for people and freight. This model railroad will depict portions of the Southern Pacific and the entire Pacific Coast Railroad as they operated along the California Coast from Gaviota to Paso Robles.

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