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If you have any of the following items and would like to donate them to the museum, please contact us to arrange drop-off or pick up: or (805) 548-1894.

| Caboose Chairs | Tarps |

Caboose #1886

UPDATE 5/24/16: We are proud to say that we are nearing completion of the lengthy restoration of our #1886 Caboose. Last year, dedicated friends and members donated to help get the chairs, bunk and desk reupholstered. Now, we need to ask for help again. The windows, made of lexan, have been badly weathered. It is impossible to see anything through them. We need to repair or replace all eleven of them. Some can be polished. Some must be replaced. The average cost to repair or replace a window is $200. We are putting out a call for donors who are willing to pay for a window. If you can help, please contact or come in to the Museum any Saturday. Many thanks to those of you who are willing to step up to this request. We appreciate your help.

UPDATE 4/21/16: Many thanks to everyone who has donated $400 to reupholster a caboose chair. We now have received enough donations from our generous members to renew all the chairs. The only items left to be reupholstered are the bunk mattress and the desk. Yes the desk! Actually, not the whole desk. Part of it was upholstered to prevent injury if a crew member should accidentally get jolted against it during movement. So we need two last donations to finish all the upholstery work. Again, many thanks to those who have contributed to this project already!

Your assistance is greatly needed to make this quickly evolving restoration take place this winter. This caboose was last operated by Southern Pacific Railroad on November 15, 1995 on the Lompoc/White Hills Branch. The museum is working hard to complete the interior restoration of the caboose and we are making great progress.

Preparation of the walls for painting is almost completed. Parts for the stove and refrigerator have been obtained and installed. Lighting fixtures have been removed and restored and the missing conductor's desk lamp has been replaced with an identical lamp that is new old stock! We are moving very fast so that this caboose can be available as our newest large exhibit. However, to be completed, we very much need your immediate help.

The caboose also needs a Dayco brand caboose generator, 12 volt.

Thank you very, very much,
Brad LaRose, President and Curator
San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum

Tarps for the Railcars

As you can see, the tarps that our wonderful members donated some years ago are now in very sad condition. Although we don't know what weather is coming this winter, those who know say there could finally be some rain here in California. We want that rain as much as everyone else. But - if we actually get that necessary precipitation, we will probably have some serious damage to our equipment.

We are asking that members consider donating some much-needed heavy-duty tarps (or the money to purchase new tarps) to protect our cars. You can provide the means to help save our equipment, and get a tax break at the same time. On top of that, you can feel really good about doing something to help save the Museum's historical artifacts until they can be restored. If you can help, please contact us at Thanks for any help you can offer!